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CTT Technical Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services to the lead-acid battery industry. The emphasis is on working with manufacturers to improve profitability and performance through access to the latest machinery and manufacturing technology. In addition to building and equipping new factories, the company also helps manufacturers to modernise and expand production by sourcing and supplying the necessary plant and technology.

With more than 50 year’s experience in the industry, CTT Technical Ltd has developed close links with the world’s leading specialist machinery manufacturers. Using its knowledge of battery making in different parts of the world and the different technologies that are available, CTT Technical Ltd brings together the most appropriate plant and machinery for a particular project.

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The company’s experience also ensures the total integration of new and existing equipment to optimise performance and productivity. CTT Technical Ltd also supplies plant and equipment for the safe and efficient recycling of scrap batteries and for the smelting of recovered lead.

Environmental engineering is an integral part of the total service and includes consultancy, design and installation of plant and equipment for treating air, water and factory waste. The company’s expertise in this area has made a significant contribution to improvements in health and safety throughout the industry.

Company History

- Chloride Technical Ltd. established in 1964 by Chloride Group PLC to provide for the needs of overseas Group Companies and Third Parties.

- Quickly establishes reputation in Eastern Europe with licence agreements in Poland and machinery supply contracts to USSR during the 1960’s – 1970’s.

- 1970’s major contracts in Middle East (Iraq and Egypt).

- 1980’s major contracts to rebuild Bulgarian battery industry.

- 1984 enters Chinese battery market via Joint Venture with Singer Products.

- 1990’s major expansion of Chinese business including VRLA technology transfer in conjunction with Accu Oerlikon, Switzerland.

- 1994 Chloride Group PLC finally divests itself of all battery manufacturing facilities and Chloride Technical Ltd. becomes the subject of a management “buy-out”.

- Group Industrial Property Rights acquired as part of “buy-out” Agreement

- 1994 name changed to Chloride Technical & Trading Ltd. and incorporated as a private limited company.

- 1995 decision made to concentrate marketing efforts on China, Former Soviet Union, Poland and Bulgaria.

- CTT becomes the leading supplier of machinery and know-how to China.

- 2001 CTT re-enters Russian market with major contracts for industrial battery making machinery.

- 2003 links with Iraq re-established and reconstruction programme commences.

- Demand for technical support from former Chloride Group Companies continues

- 2004 to date. Major contract work continues in Russia, China and Middle East.

Key Contacts

Mr M Dunn Chloride

Mr M P Dunn Managing Director

Responsible for project design, management and execution. Also a point of contact regarding any technical inquiries you may have. For all your project needs from a single machine installation to a full factory project please speak to Mike who will only be too pleased to help.

Mr Alex Jiang

Mr. Alex Jiang

CTT Technical are pleased to introduce Mr Alex Jiang as our new contact in People's Republic of China Contact on +86 147 5857 3678 or alieen_703@163.com

To all in these troubled times CTT Technical are here to help with any issue you may have with spare parts, consumables and even support visits to ensure that production disruptions are minimised. We can offer a prompt and reliable service for any requirement. If you have any requirements please call +44161 793 5000 with your need. For any requirements in the Far East please contact Alex Jiang on +86 147 5857 3678.