Consumable items for battery manufacture

CTT Technical Ltd supply consumable items that are used with lead acid battery industry. The following is just a few of the products we offer:-

Polyurethane Adhesive for the sealing of ABS container and lid sets for Standby Power type batteries.

Acid resistance asphalt for use in wet acidic areas (formation departments)

Battery separators.

Gauntlet material for tubular positive industrial batteries.

Cast lead pillars to ‘standard’ design or customer specific design.

Lead connectors for batteries or formation circuit connection.


Mould release agent.

Mould preparation materials, cork powder, mould cleaning agents etc.

Other specific consumable items can be supplied on request.

Materials for the manufacture of battery product tooling e.g. cast iron mould blocks for the production of gravity cast moulds and lead battery components, pillars, straps etc.