Market Leaders in Tubular Positive Plate Production

CTT Technical Limited in conjunction with Hadi Austria have undertaken many Industrial Battery projects over the years using the Hadi ‘Wet Fill’ process for the manufacture of Tubular Positive plates.

On this page you will find displayed the options available for Industrial Battery Manufactures. For larger producers fully Automatic systems maybe an option and for small producers Semi-Automatic systems are available.

Due to our experience in this area of plate production CTT technical Limited can act as consultant on behalf of producers new to this process.

On the download section you will find the document entitled ‘Questions for tubular plate production’. For interested parties we ask you to complete this document so that we can establish the best system for your requirements.

Also CTT Technical Limited can design and manufacture burning comb sets and building jigs for the manual production of DIN, BS cells. Details of what we offer are shown on the manual assembly line page.

Tubular Positive Plate Production Gallery

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